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To: Todd
Date: Mar 25, 2009 11:08 AM
Subject: RE: Re; No subject

I did, I didnt want to leave, but not because of "the hot indian men"...uhh they r digusting! there were some pretty american guys however)) kidding. they were but they were with indian girls. strange to me

Hey, google earth is nice thing, I mean that satelite map..whats ur adress? )

I will also post some pics from there..soon, cause I cought a cold and lying in bed, trying to get rid of it..hate to be ill.

I liked our hotel. There was a nice pool, staff treated well to us and we had a balcony in our room. U cant imagine how long I was dreaming of that balcony!! silly maybe but..
I didnt feel much difference between the Indian and Atlantic ocean. It looks like the East cost.
Food is...different u know) mostly because of the water. We were buying the drinking water in bottles, but food which u eat during the day is cooked from the tap water. However I find the best shrimps and squids..Also they have a very very very nice rom there. Its called Old monk and it is not sold in duty free, u can only buy it there and put into your luggage. oh I forgot the pineapples! they r sooooo sweet and juicy!

U cant imagine how we get around here..have u ever been in New York? the same, except that the public transport is more common here. I d like to see ur reaction to the St-P underground! )

mmm...cottage by the sea? I said so? maybe a villa in Greece, like in Mamma mia movie))

football goal post..where the hell did she find it on a road?!
I drove only twice..both with dad and the second time he told me that I m bringing down his coupling (if u understand that last word, I looked it in a dictionary)

wow, volcano, did u see or hear anything? we dont have any of them near us

nice ending, went watching the ash?..

talk to u soon

3/31/2009 1:07 AM
To: Olya

Hey Rockstar:)

Been busy lately and haven't had a chance to write. I did see your new pictures from your trip. They are really nice. I have a lot to tell you and will try to write soon. That cottage by the sea you talk about sounds so good right now. How on earth do plan to achieve such a goal? The mountain here I think has finally stopped erupting. We have been lucky so far and the wind has blown the ash away from us. Although, the last time it erupted years ago it did it for six months. Hope you are feeling better. Have to go. Try to write later. See you.


4/2/2009 6:39 AM
To: Olya

I know have only know each other a short time, but I feel we have become very close. I think we have so much in common and I enjoy writing you. I think we are the perfect match for each other. It is like we were made for each other and meant to be together. The stars must have been in align the day we met. I have given it alot of thought and I have decided I want to take this moment to ask you to marry me. We can get married right here on the myspace website in a virtual marriage ceremony. I have purchased a ticket to come visit you in your country and will leave as soon as we are married on myspace. I invision us sailing off into the sunset together and some day filling that cottege by the sea up with lots of children. I can't wait to hear your answer. Please let me know as soon as you can my darling. Kisses.....

Don't be mad. April fools!! I bet about half way through that you had to be totally creeping out))) Talk to you later.


4/17/2009 10:56 PM
To: Olya

Hi Olya, hru? I am doing good, but keeping busy. Spring seems to have finally arrived here. I dont know where the time goes. Seems to go so fast. It has been a long time since I heard from u to. The Volcano has calmed down, but it is still very active and steaming a lot as you can see in the picture I posted.

You can also see in the pic it is a very large volcano and close to where I live so we are hoping it doesn't erupt anymore. Anything exciting going on in your part of the world? We just had Easter here. My neice and I made these really cool Star Wars themed dyed eggs. It was fun. I don't know if you pay any attention to polotics in your country, but in the US right now we have some of the most bizarre things going on in ours. It is very amusing. Sometimes I wonder if we have been secretly taken over by aliens from another planet because these people in the media are sooo strange that it is hard to believe they are humans. Do you have any of these type of people in your country. You know, you look at them and can't believe the shit they do ar say? Anyway, I have to go. Take care.

From: Olya
To: Todd
Date: Apr 20, 2009 1:31 PM
Subject: RE:

just dont be the head of revolution, please!
and tell me, what the hell is bailout, cause i dont know this word.
well, the president is supposed to be nice and sorry to say he is not always saying the truth and the right things..
and media. u still believe them? media is connected to government. what they want so it shall be
I am not a politic person though, hate this stuff. Politicians, journalists, also celebrity photographers and doctors. they r not humane.
Glad, that volcano has calmed down. We have no spring yet((
I had my friends from Slovakia visiting us recently. the ones, that I was with in USA.

maybe we ll go to them in the end of the summer and in the meantime I will have to write a bachelor and pass the exams

4/21/2009 11:59 AM
To: Olya

<...> Today it was sooo nice and sunny, almost all the snow is gone. The warm sun may be heading your way though so keep an eye out. Did you check out the pic of my truck? What do you think? The pic was taken when we had more snow. The mountain was steaming really bad today. Not sure if that is good or bad. Fingers crossed though. Dude, thats cool u had Slovakia you met in USA. Are they in that new photo? BTW, all your girl friends are cute. Wondering, why was Dave Cook in your hotel? Do you get a lot of stars from USA in your hotel? Any funny stories about them? Trashing their room or something. Well I better go. For now. Later. Make sure you have a good day)) Oh, good luck on exams. What subjects?
From: Olya
To: Todd
Date: Apr 21, 2009 10:22 AM
Subject: RE:

I do, I like ur truck!! I would like to have a pickup (is it?), but it can be difficult parking, its huge. If I would buy a car, definitely would take a small one, maybe Hyundai getz or sth like that. Although from all cars I like most Nissan.
eh, who is Dave Cook? )) not much about US stars. Maybe Madonna will live there if she still coming in the beginning of August. Backstreet boys, Kylie Minogue(she is so small, barely gets to my shoulder)and Craig David,he is from Britain, but he s the only celebrity, who I was showing the room. He is nice person from the first sight unlike his terrible manager)
Did u see the movie Twilight? I thought it was a common film, but then I liked it. maybe u will not understand, the story is too girlish, but I set on reading the books of Nancy Meyers now.

Do u read anything or u dont have time?
Yes, my friends r cute and also nice people, we had a good time with them, was crying once I left the airport building)) Want to go see them in the end of August, but we didnt decide yet.
The exams. they will be only in June. This year I have only 2 of them - robotics and Information-measuring devices. Scared? )))
tell me what r u up to now?

4/24/2009 11:30 AM
To: Olya

Yes, pickup. Actually, parking isn't too bad here in the US. Probably because most people have Suv's so we have plenty of places to park werever you go. I think for some reason the truck looks bigger in the picture than it really is. Maybe its the camera adds ten pounds thing. It is easy to drive and very roomy and once you get use to that it is hard to go back to a smaller car again. If I had to get a small car I would probably want a VW Bug. I don't know why but I have always though they were cool.
That is so funny, I have no idea who Dave Cook is and don't even know why I typed that. I meant to say Craig David. Duh, how the hell did I do that one. How did you get into the hotel industry? Do you like it?

Havent seen Twilight. I heard it was not very good because the story was girlish like you say. So I haven't bothered to rent it yet. Are the special effects over the top and fake looking? I hate it when they do that in movies. If they are not I will give it a try. I bet the books would be better for that reason. I did just see a good movie with Leanardo Dicaprio about CIA operations in the Middle East (forgot the name of it). If you know of it you should gibe it a try. Yes I read, but usually news and books on how to do something I want to learn. I also read a LOT of childrens books to my neice. Time is always hard to find. But I really enjoy playing pc games. But only one or two good games come out a year so I don't play much. When I have free time and it is raining or cold outside I might would do that instead of read. The games I play are like reading a book or being in a movie. Its fun.

Robotics and Information measuring devices? What? For real? Sounds interesting but the test could be scary. What do you do in those classes? What exactly is a information measuring device? What field are you going into with these classes? It sounds like you are going to work for Skynet. If you havent seen the Terminator movies you will not understand that.

What am I up to.... Im in jail doing a five year sentence writing this cool girl from Russia. Joking!!! But I am writing a cool girl from Russia. Right now I am just working and trying to get on in the career I have a degree in. But the jobs in that field are very rare because of the economy. Last month finally a position came open an I put in for it. Unfortunately, 500 other people applied as well. And that is a lot considering the very strict qualifications you must have just to apply. It was a month long process and very stressful. I made it to the final cut of the last day and didn't get the job. It was disappointing to say the least. In the end it probably came down to knowing someone on the inside and I didn't so that is the way it goes. Right now I work at a hotel. My brother owns it so I work for him. I could probably give you a fancy title for my job and make myself sound big but I wont and just say I do maintenance type of work. Or whatever needs to be done from grounds keeping, painting, security, front desk, and so on. It is nice because as long as I get my work done everything is good. So I come and go. Hopefully in the near future more jobs will open up in the career I wanted but if not I will do something else. I am not worried about it for now. I am also thinking about getting a dog. I found one on the internet. She was a puppy mill breeding dog for ten years and was very abused and lived in a small cage the entire time. The rescue shelter has her now. I am not sure if I can get her or not because she needs a lot of special care and I dont know if I have the time she needs. Right now I am just thinking about it. Well I better go. I have some work I need to do.

From: Olya
To: Todd
Date: Jun 6, 2009 2:10 AM

Hello, how u ve been?
guess we havent written for about a month. Im writing my bachelors diploma..decided to quit the job when it will be 1 year working (and it will be on 23 of July). Hows yours?

Did I ask already when is ur birthday?

6/8/2009 2:11 PM
To: Olya

Olya, wow, how r u? Wanna hear something strange? Well first it is hard to believe that it has been a so long since we last wrote. I haven't really been to this website in a while. I guess I gave up on writing. But today, I had this though of you. I was out running a couple of miles and it hit me about a mile into running. It was something like "I wonder what Olya is up to" Then tonight, I came here and there is a message from you. Is that strange?

I am doing good. The weather here has been really nice. But no rain to speak of for a long time. It is so dry. I like it we it rains. I miss it actually. Today it was 78 degrees outside and girls in bikinis everywhere. Trust me, its never like that here. I mean never, so I guess things are changing (girls in bikinis I mean). Went to Anchorage last week for a few days to shop and hit all the good places to eat. That was fun. Friday, I got two wisdom teeth pulled. That was not fun. Feel better now though.
Anyway, My job? I guess you could say it is going. But nowhere. Ha Ha. I am trying to just enjoy summer right now so I am not giving it much thought. Why are you qoing to quit? What will you do next? What do you mean by writing bachelors diploma? What is that? We don't do that here. Are you tired of school? Hard to believe you are not out for summer break yet. School has been out for a couple of weeks here.

My birthday is August 4. And yours?

Its good to hear from you Olya. What made you write? I honestly didn't think we would ever write again.


From: Olya
To: Todd
Date: Jun 9, 2009 10:40 AM
Subject: RE:

Nice, I caught the moment))))

You like rain? come to St-Pete, we have it very often...I like thunderstorms..remember them in South Carolina, it was so exciting. We used to wake up in the middle of the night, come out to the porch, smell the air...They r different here..
I think theres sth terribly wrong with the weather as u say its so dry and did u know there was a twister near Moscow? that is really strange! but u r lucky to see girls in bikini I guess))
oh, wisdom teeth. did they hurt? I have one too, but Im afraid to go to dentist.
Summer break? no, I would like to any time)) but I have to pass 2 exams. Bachelors is a diploma that we write after 4 years of studying university.
Well, theres noway to move on at my job and its not worth to stay. Also Im tired, really, to work and study at the same time. Anyway my mom has her business so I will help her.
my birthday is on 28th of Feb.
Really? how did it come to u that we would never write again? I thought there was one more message to u before this..
PS Do u have plans for the summer?

6/12/2009 12:30 AM
To: Olya

Yes, I do like rain. The sound and smell is nice. I do like to sit on the porch and listen to the rain or hear it on the roof at night. Thunderstorms are cool, but we don't get them here. But, lately the clouds here are starting to look more like thunderstrom clouds so I think we may see them some day. We had a twister here as well. That was weird. That never happens either. Things are changing fast.
Well happy late birthday Olya. What an interesting birthday. I wonder how close you were to being born on leap year. Hope you had a good one.
What is your moms business?
I thought we wouldn't write anymore because time goes by and it was summer and things change. You know what I mean? And I am not really into the whole internet writing people thing. So, the fact that I am still writing you must mean I find you interesting and enjoy our conversations.
No plans this summer. I had planned to go to Disneyland but that is on hold for now. Just going to see what happens with the economy. It is very scary right now. Especially because they are trying to run gas prices up really fast here and that is going to kill our economy. Whats left of it anyway. For now will just hang out around here and have fun doing whatever. How about you, and summer plans?
Before I go I want to tell you something funny. The other day I was out doing some yard work and these four cars pulled up in front of the house and ten guys armed to the teeth jumped out and surrounded me and the house and asked if I knew some guy or if I was this guy. I was totally freaked out! I had no idea what was going on. Turns out, some criminal they were looking for was on the run and at one time he put down on his paperwork that he lived at my address. That was a lie. The stupid cops didn't even check it out, or call. They just stormed the place and made me look like some kind of criminal to everyone who lives near me. I was explaining to them for thirty minutes that I have no idea who that guy is and don't want to know. But they really didn't believe me. Yet, they believed what he said on his paperwork. How stupid is that? It just goes to show you how horrible the police are sometimes and how easy it is for someone to do that to you. I was so mad. Still am.
Anyway have to go. Talk to you later.

From: Olya
To: Todd
Date: Jul 28, 2009 6:52 AM
Subject: RE:

Sorry for not writing to you for so long. I surely have an excuse))) But yes, u r right about the internet conversations, its just..I dont like to lose contact with friends. I already did wih those who I met in the USA, and Im definitely not glad about it.
what a frickin story...guess they show the police right in all those movies about clever criminals..
My moms business is hairdressing, she has her barber shop, she opened it in November.
Im not very well this summer. Confused. But trying to be optimistic.
Came from Finland 2 days ago. <...>
Thanks for congratulations! Yes, luckily I dont have my birthday only once in 4 years!
Are u going to have sth special for ur birthday? It is in a week, right?
I will ask u a strange question now: would u like to have a boat?
Take care

8/3/2009 2:18 AM
To: Olya

Your forgiven;) Busy girl! I was wondering what happened to you. Sounds like your having a nice summer traveling and all. I love that picture of you with the ducks. Where was that taken? Looks like a romantic little place. And to answer your question, yes I would like a boat. I have my eye on a little boat in a picture I just saw. There was this pretty girl standing next to it and I would like to take her for a spin in it. What do you think? Would that be a good investment?
I should tell you what I have been doing of late, right. I have been finishing builing a play house for my neice. Just completed the stairs yesterday. Its been a fun project. You actually could really live in this thing.

My birthday is Tuesday. I have no plans yet. I have something in mind though. But it is a secret. We will see if it happens.

Oh, did I tell you I got a different truck. Its bigger than my other one and white instead of black. You know how the car companies in the US are broke? Well, they had some great deals so I couldn't pass up the chance to step up to a nicer truck for less than I got this one for. I guess that is one good thing about the bad economy anyway.

Im curious, why did you ask me about having a boat? Do you like boats?

My last question for you today? Are you still single? It is hard for me to believe someone hasen't swept you of your feet yet. You know with roses, romantic diners, candy, walks on beach, good conversation, movies, etc. It is hard to do that with just words.

Well better go. Have a great day Olya and you take care to.


From: Olya
To: Todd
Date: Aug 4, 2009 1:44 PM
Subject: Happy Birthday!

First of all happy birthday to you, Todd! Youre a great person and I wish you to have an interesting life and enjoy every moment of it, to have a lot of fun and some really great pleasures.
Can u reveal the secret now?

Yes, it would. I think the girl will be glad to join))
thanks for the comment, the pic was taken in a couple of km before the customs in Finland.

Yes, Id definitely like to have a boat, I like them very much and its so overwhelming to ride a boat in the ocean or gulf, jumping over the waves! Just wanted to know your opinion

Im not sick, I was sad, but Im not now. And just came from Stockholm, where I spent 3 days. Very beautiful city! and very historical. Did u know that Sweden was neutral in World War II ? But they did some traitor things, for ex. they let Hitler troops go through their land to Norway.

Oh, thats so nice of u! U know ure doing a great deal for ur niece! To have an own play house! make sure that your niece will not break the floor by jumping from happyness.

thats cool, but where did u put the other truck?

thanks. Well, its about two oclock at night, so I really better go..to have a great night finally in a real bed, not at the ferry and not in the bus..I just wanted to congratulate you.
For ur question yes, I am still single, but I dont want to think a lot about this, I believe it should happen unexpected. Maybe thats my problem, I am not looking for a boyfriend specially and they dont come just like that.

Hope, u had a great day. Hear from you soon. Bye!


8/5/2009 2:52 PM
To: Olya

It is 2 am here and I have just finished reading your letter Olya. I am really tired right now and it is hard for me to think so I will write and answer your letter tomorrow. I just wanted to tell you something real quick. You're amazing. You really are. This was such a sweet letter. You have a good heart, and that is a great quality. You are not one of those girls that a guy just wants to hookup with. You are the girl that when a guy gets you he hopes its forever.

As far as the birthday goes. I have some interesting things to tell you. About the secret......if I told you it would be a secret anymore;) To tell you the truth with evrything that went on over the last 24 hours I forgot, but I do remember it had something to do with you.

Well, I guess I will go to bed now. Will tell you all about exciting birthday tomorrow.

May you have the best day ever, Russian Princess.

8/6/2009 8:05 AM
To: Olya

Lets see,,, where do I start... I guess with your new pictures. They are very nice. You went to beautiful places. That church is unbelievable. Dont mind my silly comments on your page I was just flirting a little with you. I think you have great style. Tell me more about these places you visited I find it very interesting.
You mean you know about WWII? How cool! Yes I knew Sweden was neutral during the war. There were several countries that claimed to be neutral, but that was not entirely the case. The Swiss claimed it as well but converted Stolen Nazi gold into francs that allowed Germany to buy goods for its war machine. I actually find WWII very interesting and think sometimes how boring history would be without it. The Russian/German fight was probably one of the more interesting things about the war because ultimately that is why the Germans were defeated. ?There is no way the allies would have won that war without what happened at Stalingrad. My great uncle was a belly gunner in a flying fortress aircraft and he was killed on a mission over Germany in WWII when the German airfore (luftwaffe) shot the plane and he was shot in half.

As for my birthday it was so weird what happened. The night before at about 11 pm the there was police cars and sirens ouside and when I looked out the house across the street was on fire. The firefighters were just arriving. The home owners got out safely and the fire fighters put the fire out. The fire started on their deck and did damage to the dining and kitchen areas. Anyway, after they put the fire out they loaded up and left. If seemed kind of strange because they didn't really put much water on the fire nor check around for hot spots. They did leave two fire fighters to watch over the house so it was around 2:30 in the moring and people in the neighborhood thought it was safe to go the sleep with them there in case something happened. About and hour later, there was the load thunder noise that woke people up and 911 was called to by neighbors because the fire had started again and the entire roof structure was in flames (about 15 high above the house) and spreading to the trees and endagering other houses. 911 said they had no idea the house was on fire again and they would send the fire trucks. Turns out the two fire fighters they left at the house were asleep in their truck while the house was buring out of control. Had neighbors not called they could have been killed as they were in the driveway of the house. Not to mention how many other houses and people could have died from their blunder including me. So, I was up all night long watching this scary fire being put out. That day (that was my birthday) and I was tired all day and didn't feel like doing anything. It also started to rain really hard and did that all day. So, it was an interesting birthday. It turned out to be nice though as I spent it with my family and it was really good. The thing that made me angry about what happened was In todays paper the fire cheif gave a different story than what really happened that night. He did it cover their ass. He told a bunch of lies. Those fire fighters are not even going to get a slap on the wrist for what they did. What started out as repairable damage on there house went to a total loss. I have posted a picture. It was taken after the fire fighters arrived. They say the fire was started because someone put a cigarette in a trash can. The next day the people were stading around looking at the remains of there house smoking like there was no tomorrow. Strange. Didnt they learn anything.

Have you ever been in the ocean in a boat? I think it is fun and beautiful, but can be scary.

You were sad. Why? I was a little sad to because I was missing that little bit of sinshine in my life that I had found. You.

I posted a pic of the playhouse as well. It is funny you mention that part about breaking the floor by jumping up and down because this other kid came over to play with her in the playhouse and the first thing she did was start to jump up and down really hard like she was trying to go through the floor. I was like, what is her problem. I don't get it! What a nut. I laugh about now.

I sold my other truck to the dealer. I sat on the lot for less than a day and someone else bought it.

Well I better get back to doing some work. Hope you enjoy the this really long letter and excuse mistakes as I am typing really fast.

Talk to you later,

From: Olya
To: Todd
Date: Aug 7, 2009 11:41 AM
Subject: RE: Happy Birthday!

Hello, Todd
Its eleven at night already in Saint-Petersburg and I can see a full moon from my window. Some say its no good for pisces.

But Im just having a rest after work, listening to the Beatles and playing cards on my laptop.
Im all alone now, my parents went out of the country and took the dog with them.
Its a strange feeling
Im quiting my job on Sunday. So I have only 2 days more and Im done.
thats a little sad...but only a little=)
I dont like Finland a lot, thats just a country where I can go abroad in a little time - just 5 hours from St-Petersburg to Helsinki by bus. I like it in Stockholm, theres very beautiful architechture. We have it too, even more beautiful, but the atmosphere is still different. The church u saw on the picture is in Uppsala, the student town in Sweden, about 2 hours from Stockholm.
Not sure about WWII. Maybe Russia would be better without it, there was a blockade of Leningrad for 900 days.. My grandparents were there, they died few years ago. All the city every 9th of May celebrates the victory day. I also wonder if it was not only Hitlers idea of doing this stuff, I mean he couldnt think about this alone.
Of course they did, but be sure that those firemen got what they should have. Im sure that their boss did sth. Not all of them r like that..I think
Not really. Ive sailed in the Indian ocean but only for a couple of minutes. Still it was so great that I cant say it in words. Its like when ure getting to the highest point of an american mountain attraction, the train holds on for a second and then you fly down with a speed of sound. And this feeling with each wave, that u jump on.
Why Kenai is so far away and u cant be in my neighbourhood?
Well, its all for now. Hear from you soon,

8/8/2009 2:58 PM
To: Olya

Hey Olya,
Its 1:17 AM here right now. I just finished watching Twilight. I actually joined this movie club called net flix. You order movies online and the come by mail. I am just trying it out, but I think its pretty cool so I will continue my membership. Plus you can download movies and tv shows for free to your pc. Hope that didn't sound like a advertisment. Do have anything like that. You were right, the movie was good. I liked it. For real. I did think vampire baseball was kind of dumb though. I will recommend a movie for you. It is called Black Book. It is a forgien movie so you have to read the subtitles unless you know German as it is about WWII. But it isn't really a war movie. Just a great story with great acting. Do you have any others I should see?
I wonder if a full moon is good for leo. Why would full moon be bad for a fish? Do you follow astrology? I usually don't but I read mine the other day and it was dead on. It kind of freaked me out. How did they know what was going to happen to me that day.

Ok, Wait,,, now I am just trying to imagine you sitting in the widow with full moon playing cards on your laptop. How romantic. See you play pc games to. Right. Like me. Although, mine are a little more hard core. Earlier I was playing this new game I just bought called Hells Highway. It is really based on Operation Market Garden in WWII. The Germans beat us bad in that battle so I am curious how this game will end. I was playing online against other people. I just started this online gaming thing against other people and it is rather addictive because it is so fun. Some people take it way to serious and get very angry if they lose. Its weird.
Two days left to work! I am sure only a little sad;) Are you going to take some time off? Or right back to work.
Oh wait, let me back up. Where did your parents go? How long are you alone for? What will you do with the house to yourself? Have a big kegger party? Joking....
Are you listening to music on your pc or do you have a stereo and turn it up loud since none is home?
Beatles!! Really? Interesting. What songs do you like from them?
You (we) should go to Germany. That would be fun. I think they have lots of really neat castles there and other historical sites as well.
Five hour bus ride!! That sounds kind of horrible. Unless it was a tricked out tour bus. You like beautiful architechture? Same here. Usually, I find older better for some reason. I saw this old church in a travel mag that was bombed and burnt up in WWII, they restored the entire church except the bell tower. It was left burned and bombed to remind the people of the mistakes of the past. I don't know where it was but it was really incredible.
Great anology of sailing on the ocean. It makes my ocean halibut fishing trip seem lame. But I did catch a 100 pounder that day. Beat that.

Did I say that to you? About living in my neighborhood! I think I typed the exact same thing in my last letter but erased it. You thought the same thing as me. Hmm.
It is colorfu! But the roof is black so I am not sure about google earth. 514 Pine Ave. The grass in nice and green right now so the place should look good from the air. How about your address. Although, I dont think we can look at your city. Not sure.
Forogt to tell you, its strange, this summer we have had a lot of Russian tourist here. Not sure why. To fish maybe. Or, live here.
Now for my strange question: Do you collect anything?

Have to go Olya. Hope my letter keeps you busy with all that time alone under moonlight))Todd


8/16/2009 10:59 PM
To: Todd

Hello, Im writing to u from Turkey now. Im convinced now that I hate this country. I had been here already 5 years ago with my mother, now Im with friends. I cant tell my parents that I dont like the place, cause I chose to go by myself and its only my money in this trip. Its hot here and a lot of sun - thats a good thing, but the hotel, which is actually 4* seems to me as 3- *. They do not change our room for 2 days already and we asked them once we came that we want another room, food is not good, however all inclusive last time was brilliant. There r only people from Iran all around and for the worst theres no beach at all - just about 200 steps down to the platform, from which u can get into the sea.
Im very dissapointed and I needed to tell someone about it, so sorry that I did it to u. Close to tears. Hate the tour company, hate the Turkish.
From here with love, would like to be where u r now.

8/26/2009 12:47 AM
To: Olya

LOL! Thanks for making me laugh today Olya;) How did you end up in Turkey anyway? I am kind of curious to see pics of this fabulous hotel you are staying in. 200 steps? Horrible! I wouldn't expect much from a place with a name like "Turkey"? That’s just dumb. I do feel your pain and hope you are not in tears. Well I have to go order a pizza now so I must cut it short and will talk to you later!!!! Btw, have you ever had barbeque pizza from Pizza Hut? It is so good. Anyway, Feel free to tell me more about your exciting trip. Sounds interesting actually. Maybe I will tell you a funny joke later to make you feel better.
Bye for now, Todd

That is an old letter I tried to send the other day. But, for some reason this website keeps crashing my internet every time I try to send you an email. I am trying to send this letter again. Not sure what will happen this time. There were these guys talking about Russian women the other day on the site I game on and they were saying how horrible Russian women were and that they were not loyal at all. I guess they were from Russia, not sure. What do you think?
Actually, it we are having a rather nice end of summer here. So it would have been a good choice. If I was to share some of my pain with you it would be that summer is nearing an end and fall is in the air at night. I am not ready for winter or fall for that matter. Anyway, got to go. Hope you get this and my internet doesn’t crash again because this horrible website.

8/26/2009 11:24 PM
To: Todd

Stupid website, doesnt understand that Im waiting for a reply)))
It made u laugh? why?
Im ok with it. I can tell now that Ive seen the turkish hospital inside. Not for good is that it actually looks better than russian..but bulgarian ones are much worse than ours, Ive been there when I got my scar when I was ten. Do u have any scars?
Oh no, u will not see the hotel, but maybe Ill put a picture of the view from the room - this is the thing which was fabulous! And the last night I was sailing, of course that made me feel good! =)
I went to pizza hut only once, dont remember the name of pizza but I liked it.
Those guys, maybe they r not russians, just loosers and thats why russian women were not loyal at all..How could u see what thhey were talkin about?
We r having a nice end of summer as well but its very cold at nights.
Im starting to help my mom with her business now..I dont like it though. At all.
But I have to, cause they r going away in the middle of September, somebodys got to take care.
Also I have to earn money to buy a new camera, cause I broke mine.
Did u finish the small house? I found out that the satelite map is old and I will not see how it is now.
How can anyone be ready for the fall and winter? Summer is sweet time of the year, but those three months fly very fast.
on September, 1st I have to go to university, our studying starts again. I want one more month free!
Do u have any changes for the fall?
Going to sleep now, bye.

8/31/2009 11:43 AM
To: Olya

It made me laugh because it brings back memories of me staying in a bad hotel. Now I can laugh at it, but when it happened it wasn't funny. And I was having a not so great day that day so it was a little heart warming to know that maybe I am not the only one who is. I wasn't laughing at you Olya.
I see why you are ok with it!!! The new pictures are really cool. Its so beautiful there. I wish I would have been there with you!! Forget this place:) You forgot to mention how pretty the walk down those 200 steps was. Especially with you in that cute little outfit you are wearing. Now I am really depressed:( Thanks alot Olya...
Scar? What scar? You are perfect!! I don't see this mystery scar. Were is it? How big is it? And how did you get it?
Yes, I do have scars. Is it a problem for you. Just wondering. Will tell you more about mine after you tell me more about yours.
Sailing??? I am jealous now! I hope it wasn't with some really hot rich Turkish dude. I Hate those guys!! LOL. Any pics of sailing?
Actually I not a big Pizza Hut fan, but that bbque pizza is hard to beat.
I don't really care what those guys were saying. I make up my own mind about people. And I think you are right about them being losers. I could see them becasue it is open chat and you can see everthing people write to each other. At first I thought maybe one of them knew you by some of the things he was saying, but it can't be. There is no way. Is there? Doesn't matter.
You never told me how why you went to Turkey. How do you know of such places to go?
What r u doing at the business?
You broke your camera. How? That sucks though. What does a new camera cost in Russia?
You weather sounds just like ours here. Has it been unusually nice and hot of late there because it has here.
I thought you were finished with school. I am confused. But, you must be busy getting ready now.
Yes, I have changes as my niece I help take care of has started school again last week (1st grade) and I help with that so it is busy time for me.
Do you happen to get that reality show called Big Brother in Russia? I have gotten interested in watching that lately. It is on right now and the season is almost over so is is getting good. I think I will get a cold soda (diet coke) and go watch it and then go to bed. Have a great night Olya. You know I would love to see you.

bye, :)))

9/3/2009 11:55 PM
To: Todd

oh you are welcome =) and thanks to u.
its very very very small/ no, just very very small, under the chin. I got it by juimping out of the pool, can u believe that? I was 10 y.old.
Not a problem, just wondering, I still do not know much about u.
With friends. For a few days. Actually they r not really close friends of mine.
Its common for Russians to go abroad, I dont know how to explain it. Especially in the summertime, cause we ddont have warm sea, only lakes and rivers.
I guess american people do not, cause it takes too much time to fly over the Atlantic ocean. From Saint-Petersburg to New York it took about 8 hours, and from St-P to Turkey its only 3.40, to Sweden or Finland less than an hour, but by bus and ferry it is cheaper.
I can imagine the time to get from Alaska to the west coast of India! =)
I broke the camera when shooting my new dress, in which Ill go to my friends wedding. We dont have that those brides friends thing here, I mean no same stupid coloured dresses and thats a good thing.
The new camera costs about 250 dollars. Thats the average price of a digital camera.
At business just little - help before closing, putting towels into washing mashine and bringing them back to the place, some cleaning also. Thats it, I dont cut any hair =)
Will be doing counting, opening and closing from 19th of Sept. when parents will go on vacation.
Found Big brother at youtube. We dont have that, but we have sth like that called House. I find it very stupid. For what resons do people put themselves into a project like this. What, they dont have anything to be busy with in a real life?
However I sometimes watch Janice Dickinson modeling agency TV show and Room raiders, guess u have that, cause they r in English.
Does the studying also starts 1st of September in America? Do u have to help ur niece get to school or is it near the house? Or u have those sghool buses like in movies (we dont).
No, I got the bachelors but I have 2 more years. All technical and medicine students study 6 years.
I would love to see u too. A lot.
The kiss for u, bye =)

9/8/2009 11:01 AM
To: Olya

Sure, ask away. How is school going? Have you ever had a horrible college teacher? That gave you nightmares. I had this one that was so hard he nearly made me break down. Serious! When I didn't understand something and would go ask him a question about it he would always say "Thats not entirely wrong and its not entirely right" and that is it! He would never explain what was wrong and what was right or anything else. It was terrible. And his test were the most poorly worded and cunfusing garbage I have ever seen. Just the thougt of it makes me cringe.
Your friends getting married. You don't have brides maids? Or, you just don't have to wear the same dumb dress. That is good you don't. I never understood why they all wear the same dress anyway. Weird custom! What does your dress look like? You broke you camera shooting your new dress......ok. Are you ready to get married? Or, in a hurry to get married?
Now I understand why you travel abroad now. What was the water like in Turkey?
I think you can get a good camera here for about $100 to $150.
Do you have Russian Ebay? In the USA Ebay usually has the best deals on everything.
I wasn't watching Big Brother at first but there was nothing on so I gave it a try and somehow got interested in it. I guess its the people and personalities. I think the reason they do the show is because in America right now winning a reality show is about your best bet to get rich.
School use to start in the second week of September, but they keep starting earlier every year. Now it started August 24. Not sure why. Yes, I drive her to and from school. All of the schools have buses (like in movies) and I think they pick them up and drop them off right in front of the house. But she is a little to young for that right now. Maybe next year or year after.
What are you going to do after you are done with shcool? What will your career be?
Last week I wrote an article in the local news paper. It was very interesting and I am sure it made a lot of people angry. I couldn't help it though. Someone had to! See, Alaska is one of the largest energy states in the USA yet it has the highest energy cost in the USA. It is really hurting some families and our elected officials do nothing about it because the energy companies own them to. It is wrong and has to stop. So, I wrote a comment about it in the paper. And it really is amazing how far away a small voice can be heard. Within a couple of days our politicians were out talking about energy. I know they read my comment because I said some really interesting comments. There is this one guy who is a local mayor of a city and on the radio he has his name in a commercial every five minutes promoting himself. And I made a comment about that too. He pulled those commercials because we don't hear them anymore. I feel bad about having to do it, but someone had to say something about the corruption that is going on in this state. It is out of control. I just hope a lot of people read it and will listen and push for change. But they probably won't. I have seriously been giving a lot of thought to running for office myself. Who knows. Does that sound dumb to you?
Well I have to go Olya, have a great day or night.
Thanks for first kiss too, bye.

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